Note to Facilities:
There is an additional page under the MORE tab above for facility information and to contact us to request our visits.
Below is information for people who are interested in joining us with their friendly pets on our visits 

NEW Volunteer Information
Application Process:
1.    Please fill out the contact form below. It goes to one of our officers, who will reply within several days. Every email contact is answered as promptly as possible, so if you do not get a response within a few days, it did not go through and please try again.
2.    You will receive an email with information and directions for submitting the paperwork and fee.
3.    You will submit all the required paperwork by email to the email address that will be included in that response. Paperwork cannot be delivered in person. Later, you will bring the check for payment to the evaluation. We don't collect money from you until your pet is tested by our evaluators and ready to start visiting.
4.    Our officer will notify you when your paperwork is complete and the date and location of our next evaluation.
5.    You and your pet will participate in the evaluation administered by our officers, and you will pay the applicable fee at that time. If your pet already has its CGC, you will not need to pay an extra fee for the temperament testing, but your pet will still be evaluated for appropriate temperament.

Note: If you join Smiles and Fur Friends, you are required to make at least one regular monthly visit to at least one associated facility beginning as soon as you and your pet get certified with us and also commit to being part of at least one permanent, monthly team. (Our one-time for-fun visits are in addition to our monthly visits and don’t count for this monthly commitment.)

If you will not have the time or desire to make at least one regular monthly visit, you will want to reconsider getting involved with our organization.
There is no "perfect fit" for places to visit. Every person we visit is deserving of some friendly pet love. We know your pet and you will be appreciated wherever you go. We have a variety of types of visits scheduled on weekdays and weekends.
And before applying to join us, BE SURE you have read and understand the Volunteer Info and RULES pages and agree to follow our rules.

Volunteer contact info.

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